Dolj Bar Association / Dean's page

Lucian Bernd S─âuleanu has been elected for the dignity of Dean of Dolj Bar Association during the General Elective Assembly of 14 March 2015, for a mandate of four years, starting with 27 March 2015.

Dean’s Message

Throughout the history, Dolj Bar Association has represented a reference point of the law practice in Romania, around which a lot of eminent personalities have gravitated. This background honours us and in the same time makes us dedicate our efforts to maintain this prestige.
I hope that together with my colleagues of the Dolj Bar, we will succeed in identifying the best managerial solutions and in preserving the values in which we believe in, in such a way that we best protect our profession in a period of challenges and transformations.

Regaining the deserved respect will not be possible without the constant and firm affirmation of our rights, the only way in which the legal profession is appreciated as important and indispensable to the act of justice and the lawyers are considered as partners to the act of justice.

I invite my fellow lawyers to join our efforts to consolidate the Dolj Bar Association.