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28 February 2018

Training of justice professionals on EU law - From evaluation to the new 2019-2025 strategy

Training of justice professionals on EU law is essential to ensure the correct and coherent application of EU law and smooth cross-border judicial proceedings. In 2011, the European Commission adopted a long-term strategy on European Judicial Training which set specific objectives for the training of justice professionals to be reached by 2020.The aim of the present consultation is to gather interested stakeholders\' views on the 2011 European judicial training strategy as well as the European judicial training strategy for 2019-2025.

28 February 2018

CCBE 2017 Annual Report

CCBE published the 2017 Annual Report.The report is accessible here together with previous year... read more

22 February 2018


Following the meeting of the Eastern Bars Committee of the European Bars Federation, which was organ... read more

28 January 2018

Resolution regarding the independence of lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and the administration of justice in Eastern Europe – London, 11.11.17

On the 11th November 2017, the General Assembly of the FBE, which represents 250 member bars and ther 800.000 member lawyers, expressed its continuing concerns for the situation of lawyers and judges in Easten Europe, notably Romania, Poland, Serbia, and Bulgaria recognising the threat to the independence of lawyers, judges, prosecutors and administration of justice, as a result of government policies and the intervention of politicians concerning the appointment, regulation and dismissal of judges, interference in the prosecution service and restrictions on the rights of lawyers representing their clients.

21 December 2017

Season Greetings!

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06 November 2017

Dolj Bar Association journal - IUSTITIA no 2 (14) / 2017

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25 October 2017

The attorney-client relationship in the online environment, Răzvan Scafeș

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25 October 2017

E-mentoring scheme organized by the General Council of the Bars Association from England and Wales, Sorin Manafu

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25 October 2017

E-volving lawyers, Lucian Nițuleasa

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24 October 2017

The lawyer career - to be or not to be digital, Carmen Maria Diaconu

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24 October 2017

Mediation in Romania, Italy and the European Union, Constantin-Adi Gavrila, Leonardo DUrso

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20 September 2017

Ruxandra Paula Andriciuc and Others v Banca Româneascã SA

When a financial institution grants a loan denominated in a foreign currency, it must provide the borrower with sufficient information to enable him to take a prudent and well-informed decision.

11 September 2017


Rapport confié par Monsieur Jean-Jacques Urvoas, Garde des Sceaux, Ministre de la Justice à Monsieur Kami Haeri, Avocat au Barreau de Paris

09 September 2017

European Lawyers Day 2017: E-volving lawyers: how digital transformation can enrich the relationship between the citizen and the lawyer

The 2017 edition of European Lawyers Day (ELD) will take place on October 25th. European Lawyers Day... read more

18 July 2017

Christoph Munz: The discussion about the lawyers independence is on a good way

Interview realized during the Conference THE INDEPENDENCE OF LAWYERS, Craiova, May 6 2017