President: Lawyer Lucian Bernd Săuleanu

Vice-presidents: Lawyer Radu Marinescu, Lawyer Mihai Dragoș Nicu

Members: Lawyer Manuela Gornoviceanu, Layer. Sorin Cornel Stănciulescu



(Lawyers): Acrivopol Elena Bianca, Andriescu Luminita Elena, Bogdan Alexandru Marius, Deaconu Camelia, Diaconu-Florea Cristian, Gaina Viorel, Gatejescu Mihaela Simona, Gornoviceanu Manuela, Groza Ana-Alina, Ignat Claudiu Florinel Augustin, Lacraru Cezar Toma, Leoveanu Simona, Marinescu Radu, Militaru Daiana, Oprea Mioara, Padeanu Elena, Popescu Mihai Cristian, Rosulescu Cosmin, Sauleanu Lucian-Bernd, Socoteanu Razvan -Florentin, Stanciulescu Sorin Cornel, Salplahta Nicoleta Luminita, Turculeanu Ion



Art. 1

  • The Lawyers’ Professional Court of Arbitration is a non-governmental permanent arbitration institution, with no legal personality, independent in exercising its attributions.

1.2. The Lawyers’ Professional Court of Arbitration (hereinafter the Court of Arbitration) is organised and functions within each Bar, lawful member of the National Association of Romanian Bars, according to the provisions of the Law no. 51/1995 republished with subsequent completions and modifications, according to the provisions of article 185 of the Statute of the Lawyer’s Profession, as well as of the present Regulation.

 1.3. The headquarters of the Court of Arbitration is at the headquarters of the Bar of each county capital city, respectively at the headquarters of Bucharest city.



Art. 2

2.1. The Court of Arbitration is competent to settle the professional litigations between lawyers as follows:

2.1.1. between lawyers concerning the professional relations between them, including those with patrimonial content;

2.1.2. between lawyers owners of forms of practice and/or individual associated/grouped forms of practice, associates and/or former associates within associative forms of practice (civil company of law (SCA) or professional limited liability company (SPARL));

2.1.3. between the lawyers and the forms of practice;

2.1.4. between the lawyers’ forms of practice;

2.1.5. between the collaborating lawyers, between them and the forms of practice;

2.1.6. between employed lawyers and the forms of practice;

2.1.7. which concern the special collaboration between different forms of practice

2.1.8. litigations resulted from the legal relationships which occur when concluding, executing or terminating the legal assistance contracts, excepting those concerning the lawyer’s fees which remain within the competences of the Bar’s Dean, according to the provisions of article 132 of the Statute of the Lawyer’s Profession.

2.2. If the professional litigation arises between lawyers who are members of different bars, the competence for the settlement of litigations is that of the first one the matter has been referred to.