UIA International Bar Leaders Senate – Istanbul, October 31, 2010


Paris, October 5, 2010


For the attention of the Collective Members of the UIA


Subject:     Meeting of the International Bar Leaders Senate

Istanbul (Turkey), October 31, 2010


Dear Mr / Mrs President,


We would like to remind you that the next meeting of the UIA International Bar Leaders Senate will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) at the Swissôtel The Bosphorus (Room 2 – Genève), on Sunday, October, 31, 2010 from 9.00 am to 12:30 pm.


Debates, which theme will be "Lawyers and their new environment", will be facilitated by simultaneous translation to and from English, French and Spanish.


For your information, we will have the honor to welcome as speakers for this session:


Issouf BAADHIO, President of the Burkina Faso Bar,, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Jean CASTELAIN, President of the Paris Bar, Paris, France

Sergio FERRAZ, Former President of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers and of the Council of the Bars and Boards of Lawyers of the Mercosur (COADEM), Sao Paulo, Brazil

Steven A. HAMMOND, President of Honour of the UIA, New York, NY, United States

Peter KIM, President of the Korean Bar Association, Seoul, Korea

Huen WONG, President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


These prestigious speakers will share their point of view based on the following elements:


In an internationalised legal world, a growing number of Bars are becoming aware of the role new technologies will play in the future development of their professional activities.


The increasing use of new technologies is inevitable – the dematerialisation of proceedings, video-conferencing and communication between fellow-members stand proof.


However, the "new lawyers" in this new environment need to gain command over the possible hazards and be able to ensure that ethics are safeguarded in these new ways of practicing law.


Some countries – industrialised countries – have sophisticated techniques and a low growth rates. Others – emerging countries – have high growth rates and techniques that need to be improved.


How can all this be reconciled and how can true competition be ensured with equal opportunity between colleagues.


We look forward to welcoming you to Istanbul.


Best regards,


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