Cross-Border Partnership for Training and Labour mobility in the Juridical field


The application entitled "Cross-Border Partnership for Training and Labour mobility in the Juridical field" submitted by the Dolj Bar Association in partnership with the Bar Vidin (Bulgaria) has been approved for funding by 430,114.34 euros, of which 98% grants and 2 % contribution of the project partners.

The project objective is to encourage the integration of the cross-border employment and labor mobility in the legal field, in Dolj County and Vidin district, by promoting cooperation and awareness of beneficiaries's joint actions.

The project will involve 300 people from both sides of the border (150 persons from Romania and 150 people from Bulgaria) that will have access to information services, consulting and training in the legal and linguistic fields, with the purpose of employment and mobility on labor market.

The project, through its activities, encourages employment and labor mobility in the Dolj - Vidin area by creating a network of centers that will provide public information and legal consultancy services, but also through participation in scientific conferences target group on legal issues in Romania and Bulgaria, foreign language courses (Romanian and Bulgarian), specialized courses in areas such as migration, cross-border fiscality, transportation and cultural heritage, cross-border crime etc.


Lucian Bernd Săuleanu

Bar Dolj Association