Dolj Bar Association – Cross-Border Partnership for Training and Labour mobility in the Juridical field

The proposal of the Dolj Bar Association’s Dean, Mr. Lucian Bernd Săuleanu, regarding the implementation of the project "Cross-Border Partnership for Training and Labour mobility in the Juridical field" was approved by the Dolj Bar Association’s Council in its meeting of January 19th, 2017. A preparatory joint meeting was organized on January 24th, 2017 with a delegation and the dean of Vidin Bar Association, Mr. Kiril Gruev.

This project is a first, clarifies eligibility issues of bar associations related to accessing European funding and provides the possibility of applying for future projects, considering the specific experience criteria.

The project will be implemented in partnership with the Vidin Bar Association and is financed by the European Union and national budgets with the amount of 430,114.34 Euro, accounting for 98% of the project value.

It aims to encourage employment and labour mobility in the legal field in the Dolj (RO) – Vidin (BG) cross-border area by creating a network of centres that will provide public information services and legal advice and through target group’s participation at conferences on legal issues in both countries and foreign language courses (Romanian and Bulgarian).

There will be also organized legal courses in areas such as cross-border migration, labour law and cross-border social security, cross-border tax law, cross-border commercial law, cross-border provisions in the field of transportation and cultural heritage and cross-border criminal law.

The project will bring new opportunities for Bar Dolj Association’s lawyers by means of a study and a strategy on legal market needs. To implement these activities an auto vehicle will be purchased, as well as equipment and furniture. Also, the project will cover part of the operational expenses of the Dolj Bar Association for the entire 18-month period of implementation.

In addition to the benefits arising from its activities, the project "Cross-Border Partnership for Training and Labour mobility in the Juridical field" presents the opportunity to build the institutional capacity of the Dolj Bar Association to implement donor funded projects, developing a team led by the project manager, Constantin-Adi Gavrila, Program Director at the Dolj Bar Association.