Following the meeting of the Eastern Bars Committee of the European Bars Federation, which was organized by Dolj Bar Association in Craiova on Friday May 5th of 2017 and attended by representatives of bar associations from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Republic of Moldova , Poland, Serbia and Romania, reiterating the need for a communication platform for the bar associations in the region, taking on this important task for the international cooperation within the legal profession, the Dolj Bar Association developed the ”Eastern Bars Network” communication platform which launches it today, February 22nd, 2018, and is available at

The "Eastern Bars Network" is an informal communication platform for presidents and other representatives of bar associations in the region that can be used to publish information, questions and opinions that are important for the legal profession, regardless of the country where it is practiced.

"Eastern Bars Network" aims to help increase barriers and lawyers' cohesiveness by creating a virtual, informal and open space for meeting and communication on topics of common interest, challenges, problems, solutions or joint actions.

The "Eastern Bars Network" is open to any bar association expressing interest in accessing this space. Once interest is expressed, the president and two or three other appointed representatives of that bar are immediately notified with login information.

The platform contains a publicly accessible news area where content can be viewed directly, without authentication. Moreover, the representatives of bar associations can also access an area for members to post and read articles, or to participate in members' discussions based on existing content.

We hope that the "Eastern Bars Network" communication platform will be a popular meeting place for the deans and bar representatives in the region and beyond.


Lucian Bernd Săuleanu

President of Dolj Bar Association