The Dolj Bar Association donates for Constantin Brancusi's sculpture THE WISDOM OF THE EARTH

At the initiative of Dolj Bar Association, the Bar Council has approved supporting the purchase of the Constantin Brancusi's sculpture "The Wisdom of the Earth" by the Romanian government by donating the amount of 2,000 lei on behalf of the Bar. The Bar Council members have also decided to donate the aggregate amount of 4,200 lei personally.

The Romanian Government and the Ministry of Culture officially launched on 19 May 2016, the national campaign to purchase subscription support Constantin Brancusi's sculpture, "The Wisdom of the Earth", which belongs to the national cultural heritage, as Thesaurus. Along with "The Kiss" and "Prayer" it marks the assessed period of the artist and is the emblem of "the first modern sculpture in the world".

Talking about his work, Constantin Brancusi said, "The Wisdom of the Earth ... It was my attempt to touch the ocean bottom, with the index finger (trying to achieve seniority, archaic). For me it was too big fright when I lifted her veil ... the woman should never be disclosed ... Isis must remain covered under at least one of the seven veils of its beauty, that of the mystery - which provides valuation and immortality. "The Wisdom of the Eearth" it was, for me, what woman is much deeper - beyond your psychology. "

Dean and Dolj Bar Council urges colleagues to the extent permitted lawyers to contribute to national subscription for the purchase of the sculpture "The Wisdom of the Earth", an important component of the local cultural identity and national heritage.

More information about this campaign, including bank accounts where donations can be made, can be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Culture.