IBA Bar Issues Commission Training Questionnaire

Dear IBA member organisation representatives,

This is a reminder that the deadline for the Bar Issues Commission Tranining Survey must be completed by Tuesday 31 March. If you have already completed the survey, my apologies and please feel free to ignore this reminder!


The BIC Policy Committee have initiated a project for 2009 to build a picture of the type of education and professional development that is organised by bar associations and law societies either on a mandatory or voluntary basis. Requirements of jurisdictions vary enormously of course and we are interested to to find out what information will emerge.


Please assist us with our research for this project by having the appropriate person complete the on-line training questionnaire by clicking https://filestore.xmr3.com/138539/11836672/shared/BIC training/BICTrainingLive2601.html  .

It should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to fill out. The deadline for receipt of responses is Tuesday 31st March 2009. The information will then be collated and the working group will prepare their findings to report back to the bar associations. The overall aim of the project is for the BIC to establish how it can best assist IBA member organisations with their education and CPD programmes.


Many thanks and kind regards,

Sibylle Duell (on behalf of)  

Péter Köves

BIC Policy Committee Member

Sibylle Duell
PPID & BIC Administrator